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Seahawks’ Draft Trade Scenarios

We’re down to four days before the NFL draft, and the draft rumors are heating up as usual. I’m doing my best to stoke those fires by offering up potential scenarios for the Seahawks to trade down from the 12th pick.

Last year, perhaps because of the lockout, there were just four trades in the first round. That was a big drop from the previous four years, when there were seven trades on average in the first round.
The Seahawks have talked to other teams about moving down in each of the last two years, and they should consider it again this year unless they want to take David DeCastro or Luke Kuechly at No. 12.

There has been some chatter about the Seahawks drafting Ryan Tannehill if he somehow slips to 12, but it’s hard to see that happening for a lot of reasons.

The one guy who seems to be drawing the most interest around the Seahawks’ pick is Alabama safety Mark Barron. Peter King has even suggested that the Seahawks should take him themselves, explaining that the Hawks use a lot of nickel and could play Barron, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor on the field together at least 60 percent of the time.

Of course, that is a far-fetched idea that doesn’t make a lot of sense. The far better idea is to use Barron as trade bait for teams like Dallas, Philadelphia and even New England.
Even if Barron isn’t the trade lure, it could be a number of other players, and there figures to be at the very least a fair bit of conversation about Seattle’s pick.

The Chargers could want to move up for a pass rusher, which would allow the Seahawks a mulligan of sorts on their bad Charlie WHitehurst deal from 2010. The Eagles could want to jump over Dallas at 14 to get Barron, and the Patriots reportedly might be interested in leaping up from 27 to get Barron, too.

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